About Us

About Stegen Systems
Stegen systems is an IT company based in Nairobi. The company was founded in the year 2008. Stegen systems provides information technology solutions to individuals, small, large corporate and institutions. We specialize in sale of computers, repairs & maintenance services, consultancy, software, networking LAN/WAN solutions, CCTV, security systems installation and church presentation software and equipments installation.
Stegen systems addresses some questions that business leaders ask all the time. How can technology help you run your business better? How will technology transform your business?

Stegen systems has the experience and the resources to provide full range of computer
services and consultancy, network planning and installations required.

The engineers and support personnel are trained to support installations and services such
as: –

  1. Data recovery and backup services
  2. Planning, installation and support of all forms of networks using TCP/IP,
    IPX/SPX protocols.
  3. Data Cabling, UTP CAT 5e/CAT 6, FIBRE Optic etc.
  4. IP cameras installation and configuration.
  5. Satellite installation and security systems
  6. Hardware repairs and maintenance.
  7. Support on Microsoft Windows based solutions.
  8. Document management and data entry services.
  9.  Setup and installation of Church projector systems.

We do operate and efficient supply chain services fulfilling all the customer requirements
in all areas of business concern. Amongst the benefits that we pass on to our clients

  1. Advice on product selection to suit your IT requirements.
  2. A structural system of accounts management and administration.
  3. After sales service by our technical support team.


Our Mission Statement

Our basic objective is to deliver total integrated business solutions, which are designed to help organizations cope with the rapidly technological landscape

Why Choose Us

Reason For Choosing Us


At Stegen systems, we measure our success by your success and our clients’ prosperity is our prosperity.


All members of Stegen systems have an absolute commitment to client service.


Our approach to all clients is founded and built upon understanding business needs and problems within our country.


Our staff profile consists of members who have many years of experience within their areas of specialization and profession.


Stegen systems can provide full spectrum of IT services and solutions that a customer may require from time to time